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by | Jul 1, 2019

Barrington, RI (July 1, 2019) — Rhode Island’s only shrub maker, Anna Scott, is making waves internationally. In just the last few months Anna’s Kitchen Shrub has received several industry awards from Food & Beverage Magazine, the International SIP Awards and the PR%F Awards.

In March, the shrub maker won Food & Beverage Magazine’s “Best In Show” at the Nightclub and Bar Show, an event known for being a huge influencer for professionals in the bar, nightlife and hospitality industries. As one of the magazine’s favorite emerging brands, a four-page spread in the June issue boasts Anna’s Kitchen Shrub as “new, unique and just plain great.”

This June, among over 1,000 competitors, the brand attended the International Spirits Competition and won SIP Awards in seven different categories including taste, design and innovation. This internationally acclaimed consumer-driven blind taste-testing event is widely recognized in the spirits industry and known as the preeminent path for brands to reach their target consumers.

Just last week, Scott received news that all five flavors placed at the PR%F Awards as well. More than 30 spirit industry leaders and upwards of 500 spirits brands participated in the PR%F Awards during a two-day blind-tasting point-rating competition. With only five Century Medals being granted, Scott earned two of them with perfect scores. On top of that, Scott received two Gold Medals and one Silver Medal. Earning more than ten awards within the past several months, Anna’s Kitchen Shrub is making everything old, new again.

Anna’s Kitchen Shrub launched out of Rhode Island’s Hope & Main food business incubator program in the spring of 2018. Scott’s take on this historic vinegar-based drink is fresh, healthy and appeals to cocktail enthusiasts and the sober-curious alike. Each flavor is 100% organic and is made with raw apple cider vinegar with the Mother, unlike many, if not all, competitor brands. In less than two years, Scott has carved out a substantial space in the cocktails and beverage realm, making certain that “shrub” becomes a familiar term again. 

Anna’s Kitchen Shrub is made in Rhode Island. Available online as well as over 60 Northeast gourmet retailers, liquor stores, restaurants and bars. Visit www.annaskitchenshrub.com for more information. 



Kitchen makes Organic Shrubs in 5 Unique Award-Winning flavors. Anna’s Kitchen
Shrubs are used as a drinking vinegar, cocktail/mocktail mixer, and a
recipe enhancer such as; salad dressings, marinades, sauces or just added
to your favorite dishes. Anna’s Shrubs are handcrafted in small batches and are
made in Rhode Island. Anna’s Shrubs are made with organic raw apple cider
vinegar with the Mother and the most flavorful organic fruits, vegetables, and
herbs. The result is a complex and dynamic flavor that is refreshing and

Kitchen LLC., is a private company operating out of Barrington, RI.  It
has distribution capabilities globally either by partnering with distributors
or ships direct to other businesses or consumers.

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