Polaris MEP Lean Tip of the Week

Here’s a collection of the our past Polaris MEP Lean Tip of the Week episodes.  Bookmark this page to see new episodes.  We’ll also post to our YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter accounts as they are produced.  Subscribe/like/follow us to make sure you don’t miss out.


TWI: Job Instruction

TWI: Lean Genesis

Any Given Wednesday

Improvement Kata Series (pt 4) – Experimentation

Improvement Kata Series (pt 3) – Target Process Condition

Improvement Kata Series (pt 2) – Grasping the Current Condition

Improvement Kata Series (part 1) – Get the Direction of the Challenge

Introducing the Improvement Kata

The Coaching Kata

5S Series (pt 5) – Sustain the Gains

Hitting a Curveball Out of the Park

5S Series (pt 4) – Standardize

5S Series (pt 3) – Time to Shine

5S Series (pt 2) – Set in Order

5S Series (pt 1) – Sort That Stuff Out

What in the World is 5S?

Let’s Take Baby Steps

Skipping Breakfast?