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by | Mar 18, 2020

As the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to impact manufacturers, the Polaris MEP team has been collecting tips from our network and sharing “best practice” guidelines. 

One of our Project Managers reports that a client has instituted several pandemic response procedures:

  1. Requiring all visitors to sign a declaration confirming they have not traveled to a “hot spot” country. 
  2. Monitoring employee temperatures.
  3. Adding new site access procedures to their emergency response plan. (An emergency response and preparedness plan is required for ISO certification and a general smart practice for any manufacturer.)

ford motor covid screening questionnaire

Another project manager recently found this visitor self-declaration questionnaire from Ford that could serve as inspiration for your company in controlling access to your manufacturing site. Ford’s questionnaire includes questions about travel and about current health, another best practice.


What have YOU seen working for manufacturers dealing with COVID-19? Please share guidance and tips below, in the comments section. 

Polaris MEP is here to help keep Rhode Island’s manufacturers moving forward. Visit our landing page with resources related to COVID-19, or contact us directly with questions, problems or needs.

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