Lunch & Learn: Strategic Planning from the Back of a Napkin

  • November 5, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Join us for lunch as we discuss the pure fundamentals of strategic planning for very small to small manufacturers.

When most people think of Strategic Business Planning they imagine shiny-faced Corporate Executives wielding laser-pens at slides full of confusing facts and figures while the rest of the staff struggles to make sense of the stuff.  This really need not be the case.

Your company is a safari, beating its way through a jungle in an effort to reach the Golden City on the other side.   Day-after-day, inch-by-inch, progress is made….or not.

Some companies do this year-after-year and end up going in circles.  Other companies leaders avoid the run-around by finding the tallest tree, climbing it, and seeing whether they are: 1. Still going in the right direction, 2. Making sufficient progress towards it, or 3. Seeing that there is a different Golden City towards which they should change course.

It’s not that difficult, it doesn’t take that much time and effort, and it can be done on….well, not necessarily the back of a napkin, but a couple of flip chart sheets will do.

And we will show you how.


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