Increase Your Growth & Profitability Through Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning will optimize your company’s profitability, productivity and competitiveness. Organizations of all sizes who begin this critical process will be better positioned to understand their strengths, weaknesses, industry and marketplace.

How Polaris MEP Can Help:

Polaris MEP project managers will guide you through a dynamic and iterative strategic business planning process from mission statement definition/refinement through goal tracking and monitoring. Our trained facilitators will walk the structured walk with you. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

“Polaris MEP is perhaps one of the most worthwhile of all business development organizations with whom we’ve engaged.”
– Goetz Composites

The Polaris MEP Way:

This mentored process will explore strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats in your internal and external environments. Using a fact based, specific, comprehensive & measurable comparison of your mission and current state, will focus on closing the gaps and achieving your objectives. Every aspect of your business will be examined.

Understanding Your Mission

A mission statement can be seen as the operating guide for your business. It defines the purpose of the organization, sets the objectives of the organization, and aligns with the strategic plan.

Setting & Tracking Goals

Once we have identified and understand the gaps within the organization, we will set specific, measurable goals.

Establishing a Strategy

The strategy will be the key element in closing the identified gaps between your organization’s current state and your mission. The strategy can involve internal or external stakeholders or both.

Establishing Tactics

To implement your strategy, tactics will be identified to achieve stated goals. To be effective, each tactic must be clearly defined, have an owner and be managed.

Executing the Strategy

A good plan is dynamic and has multiple iterations. Publish your plan to all stakeholders, then track specific goals in measurable terms. You will modify the plan as required. Your Polaris MEP project manager will revisit on a periodic basis throughout the first year to review progress.

Who Would Benefit

  • Startup companies
  • Existing companies targeting growth and profitability improvement
  • Companies looking to break into other markets

Polaris MEP project managers have created impact with Rhode Island manufacturers since the 1970s. Working together, we can improve your profitability and competitiveness.